Motivated Adolescents Pursuing Leadership Experiences

I am leading.

M.A.P.L.E. Teen Leadership Program (Motivated Adolescents Pursuing Leadership Experiences) provides middle school and high school youth the opportunity to increase their academic and emotional skills, through holding formal leadership roles throughout the center. Youth gain confidence as they act as advisors, mentors, and supports to their peers, younger children and staff. MAPLE is comprised of 4 unique cohorts of leaders

StreetLeaders - High School Mentors in the Elementary Youth Program

SquadLeaders - Middle School Mentors in the Elementary Youth Program

Redwood Leaders - Middle and High School Young Women Leaders in REDWOOD

Sequoia Leaders - Middle and High School Young Men Leaders in SEQUOIA

“Tree has always been a strong pillar in my life. The first year Tree Street started, I was a StreetLeader with my best friend at the time and it was our first real job. I remember that summer both of us were able to buy our own clothes for the summer for school that upcoming year! We don’t come from much just humble beginnings. Another moment I will never forget is the I Am Tree event – it was the first thing I hosted in my life, and I was honored and happy to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. Tree has given me purpose in a lot of dark times in my life. I’m bound to Tree for life.”

– Chris Suazo, TSY Class of 2013

Summer 2011 StreetLeader, CEDAR intern 2015-2017

Meet the Team

Jordan Strout

MAPLE Program Manager

[email protected]

Ashley Kendrick

MAPLE Program Coordinator

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