Wonderful Inspired Little Leaders Of the World

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WILLOW Elementary Program (Wonderful Inspired Little Leaders Of the World) serves youth ages 4-12 (preK-5th grade) year-round through after-school and summer programming. Youth are able to receive academic support, while also providing a space for youth to develop positive social skills, self-advocacy, perseverance, positive risk-taking, and impulse management. 

Elementary youth are supported by Mentor staff who focus on creating enrichment classes in Rec, Art, HodgePodge (STEM), and open play spaces. 

Elementary youth also participate in BRANCHES Early Exploration Programming  encourages students to begin dreaming about their futures early. Even our youngest youth are surrounded by a college-going environment and participate in summer and school year academic support programming, classes, and trips related to college, careers, and the future.

     “I honestly believe the kids made Tree. The kids here have their own voice. There’s always something new. It’s never old, never the same!”

    – Shafea Guhat, TSY Class of 2020

    Former StreetLeader and former WILLOW Program staff member

    Meet the Team

    Justin Morin

    WILLOW Program Anchor

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    Aaliyah Nyetera

    WILLOW Program Mentor

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    Zach Knight

    WILLOW Program Mentor

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    J'Quita Rembert

    WILLOW Program Mentor

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