The perfect gift is closer than you think

Have you ever struggled with buying a gift for that person who has everything? No piece of jewelry, clothing, power tool, latest technology, is really going to make a difference in their lives. But honoring them with a gift to Tree Street, enabling our youth to grow, learn, and lead, is sure to put a smile on their face. This marketplace is not just for special occasions. It provides opportunities throughout the year to support Tree Street’s programming in meaningful and affordable ways.

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$15 gift

Lil’s Library

Add 2 new books age-appropriate books to our Lil’s Library for our elementary students!

$75 Gift

Sports Equipment

In our gym sports equipment can pick up wear-n-tear pretty easily. Your gift could help our active and athletic by providing new basketballs, dodgeballs, or even goal posts!

$300 Gift

3 College Trips

With so many of our students aspiring for higher education it is critical to increase their access to resources. The average cost of a college trip is about $100; your donation could help BRANCHES students find to the college of their dreams!

$750 Gift

3 Months of Staff Phone Service

Each of our staff makes themselves readily available by phone and internet to help students and families at a moments notice! A gift of this size could help pay for 3 months of cell phone service.

$25 gift

Back-2-School Bundle

The Back-2-School bundle is a great way to show you care. This package has all the essentials; notebooks, pens paper, index cards and more!

$150 Gift


With nearly 200 unique youth and 20 staff, high speed internet is a Tree Street necessity. Your kindness could provide Tree Street’s youth and staff with 3 months of high speed internet.

$500 Gift

Weekly Summer Trips

Summer is busy time filled with programmatic fun! A contribution of this size helps send our students to tons of  activities like a visit to the pool at the local YWCA.

$900 Gift

6 Months of Gas for Travel & Field Trips

With travel being an important part of our experiential enrichments, gas expenses become a high priority for providing our student a high quality program. At this value, your gift could help support 6 Months of travel for field trips and other interactive experiences.

$60 Gift

Field Trip

You could help send up to 10 of our students to a local State Park or even to see a new movie! Field Trips are a great way for our staff to form bonds and foster relationships with students through structured and interactive activity!

$250 Gift

BRANCHES Chromebook

In an increasingly digital age, access to internet is important for the academic development of young minds. A gift of $250 could provide our BRANCHES students with a laptop or Chromebook for homework, college applications and so much more!

$600 Gift

StreetLeader Stipend

We encourage our youth to become leaders both on the job and in life; a contribution of this size could support the stipend of one of our Striveleaders/ Streetleaders.

$1,000 Gift

TeamLeader Stipend

Leadership takes many forms and requires nurturing and intentional care to grow a persons understanding and ability. Teamleaders are our more seasoned Streetleaders, they serve as mentors, and role models for 1st time Streertleaders. A gift like this could cover their stipend for one summer!