Tree Street Youth supports the youth of Lewiston-Auburn, Maine through academics, the arts and athletics. We provide Lewiston-Auburn youth with a safe space that encourages healthy physical, social, emotional, and academic development while building unity across lines of difference.
Our vision is to cultivate leaders who fear less, love more, and dream big, boldly shaping the future and creating communities united across lines of difference.

Planting Our Roots

Founded in 2011 by two Bates College alumnae, Tree Street Youth grew its roots from a local homework help program. The original program – supported by the Refugee Assistance Program, local AmeriCorps staff, and a host of community volunteers – offered 40-60 local youth access to learning opportunities specifically tailored to meet their needs. For many of these youth, their parents wanted to support their children academically, but lacked the language and academic skills to do so. Due to the relationships built over time and the demonstration of an exceptional level of cultural competency, families urged the local program to continue expanding the homework help program to ensure that their kids would receive the support that they themselves could not provide.


Thanks to the continued support of the local community, individual donors, and foundation grants,
Tree Street is able to offer all of the programming at no cost to families.
We strive to eliminate economic barriers by providing a space of equal opportunity and advancement.


How We Grow

At Tree Street, we believe that true empowerment begins with the self, but then transcends it to create a greater, collective harmony. Our holistic approach to youth development integrates a restorative justice model that demonstrates leadership, accountability, and life skills, both strengthening youth and bringing them together. We aim to empower the individual self, as well as the collective whole. We blend the focus on the individual with an equally important emphasis on building unity by creating bridges across lines of difference. We believe in this model because we ultimately believe that the most important thing that our youth learn is acceptance – of themselves and of each other.

We are so grateful and proud to have exceeded our goal for the Campaign for growth! The expansion has had such a significant impact on our programming and we are so appreciative to all who helped make it possible! If you haven’t had a chance to visit our newly renovated and expanded space please reach Malcolm, our Marketing and Development Coordinator using the link below!

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