Becoming Responsible Adults ‘N Cultivating Higher Education Success

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The BRANCHES (Becoming Responsible Adults ‘N Cultivating Higher Education Success) Program supports youth across the center with academic support and future aspirations planning with a focus on increasing high school graduation rates, college acceptance, career exploration and college retention rates of first-generation students in Lewiston-Auburn. The BRANCHES Program operates with the belief that if students have a vision of what they want their futures to be, they will be more successful in obtaining it. BRANCHES has 5 main components that guide students through the steps to exploring, discovering, and achieving their future educational and professional goals.

Early Aspiration Exploration

College Preparation

Academic Support

Career Readiness

Alumni Assistance


college acceptance rate

alumni of BRANCHES

 “BRANCHES had a big impact on me going to college and being the first female in my family to go to college. They helped me through the whole process and pushed me to apply to colleges that I didn’t even think of getting into. They made me believe in myself.”

– Khamar Jibril, TSY Class of 2018

Nursing Student at University of Southern Maine

Meet the Team

Keenan Shields

B.R.A.N.C.H.E.S. Program Manager

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Natasha Khan

Youth Support Navigator

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Jordan Strout

Youth Program Assistant & Mentor

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