“I am bold.”

The BRANCHES (Becoming Responsible Adults ‘N Cultivating Higher Education Success) Program works to increase the overall graduation, college acceptance, and college retention rates of at-risk, first-generation students in Lewiston-Auburn. The BRANCHES Program operates with the belief that if students have a vision of what they want their futures to be, they will be more successful in obtaining it. BRANCHES works through five programs to guide students through the steps to exploring, discovering, and achieving their future educational and professional goals.

Meg Young, BRANCHES Program Manager


Early Exploration

The Early College and Career Exploration Program encourages students to begin dreaming about their futures early. Elementary, middle, and early high school students are surrounded by a college-going environment at Tree Street and are able to participate in summer and academic year programming, classes, and trips related to college, careers, and the future.

College Preparation

The College Prep Program assists high school seniors and families through the complex college application and financial aid process. The program includes visits to New England colleges and universities, on-site workshops led by Tree Street staff and community presenters, and support for our students from application to move-in day.

Learning and Leading

The DIVE IN Service Leadership Program is an opportunity for high school youth to gain leadership skills, community service experience, and directly make change in their community. Students join the Service Leadership Team and meet to identify issues in their community and plan service projects, education campaigns, or events that other youth can participate in as a way to address those issues. Students not only gain critical skills and experiences, but in the process prepare themselves to be leaders in their college campuses, professions, and communities.

Career Readiness

The B.A.R.C. (Bridging Aspirations with Readiness for Careers) Program pushes high school students to get prepared for a career, not a job. The program offers career readiness and job-skills workshops and events led by local professionals and Tree Street staff. The BARC Program also provides individual assistance to students with the job search, job applications, and resume-writing.

Alumni Assistance

The Alumni Program offers support to young adults (18-23) who have either: a) gone through the College Prep Program and are in college but still need assistance with financial aid and other college-related matters; b) graduated from high school, but did not immediately go to college and are now seeking assistance to go to college; or c) did not graduate high school and need assistance connecting to resources in order to obtain their diploma/GED or to enroll in a job-training program.