Join us in Celebration

This summer 2021 marks Tree Street Youth’s 10 year anniversary. In order to celebrate this milestone, we are planning to host 2 in-person events in July! In accordance with the latest CDC guidelines, we will host two outdoor events.

Past Events

10 Year Milestone Celebration

Thursday, July 22nd

The 10 Year Milestone Celebration included recognition of alumni, community partners, and supporters, building and program milestones, burn the mortgage ceremony and creation of a community mural.

10 Year Celebratory March

Friday, July 23rd 

Youth, families, alumni, community members, current & former staff, interns, board members, and supporters all came together to march through the Tree Streets to celebrate 10 years of Tree.

We would like to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary by collecting tribute statements from our community of youth, families, alumni, current and former staff, interns & board members, community members, and supporters.

Please share your tribute in celebration of the first 10 years of Tree!

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2021 marks our 10 year anniversary. In 2011 we planted a seed – our first summer program where youth could play, learn, and just “be.” Just like the rings of a tree, each year at Tree Street has led to new growth: a renovated and expanded building, innovative youth-centered programs and partnerships, and a thriving community of people working together to boldly shape the future. Our growth would not have been possible without grit: determination, resilience and courage to push through any and all challenges has been our hallmark.