SEQUOIA Boys Empowerment Program

SEQUOIA Programming also serves as a reporting center for up to 12 moderate- to high-risk young men currently involved in the juvenile corrections system. These youth may be on informal adjustment, pre/post-adjudicatory, or on aftercare status. The program is designed so the courts or JCCO’s can mandate the youth to attend the program for a specific time period or in order to reach specific goals.

For more information on SEQUOIA Programming

Contact Darian Pleasant, Darian@Tree StreetYouth.org

The SEQUOIA Boys/Young Men’s Empowerment Program serves all young boys/men at Tree Street Youth, from middle school to high school. SEQUOIA seeks to engage the boys of our community through group activities, athletic programming, novel experiences/outings, and 1-1 mentoring. Our goals are to create an atmosphere of trust, accountability, vulnerability/openness, camaraderie, and support. This, in return, creates a space of encouragement, kindness, and friendship. While challenging one another to take ownership of the things within each of our control whether it be decisions, mistakes, behavior, schoolwork, and the choices we all make each day.