Fall2020 Schedule (3)

We’re excited to announce the theme of our Annual

Fund: “Seeing 20/20.” This theme was intentionally

chosen to serve as both a challenge and an inspiration.


The challenge is for all of us to take in what has

transpired this year, reflect, pause, grow or whatever

you deem necessary to truly “see” the reality that faces

our communities and the world in which we live.



The inspiration is the power that clarity can bring to

push ourselves to strive forward with a vision for a

healthier future. Tree Street’s vision: to cultivate

leaders who fear less, love more, and dream big, boldly

shaping the future to create communities united

across lines of difference



During the last few months we shared a number of

Samara Stories: thought-provoking and authentic

vignettes from a diverse group of wisdom holders

across our community. These seeds of knowledge have

been planted, our vision is in place, and now we look to

YOU to help us cultivate, tend, and nurture Tree

Street’s work to support the leaders of tomorrow.

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