Samara Stories

The Samara seed has become a significant symbol at Tree Street representing all the knowledge, wisdom, and potential held in something so small. As it matures, eventually it flies and grows into something that can truly change the world, kind of like the kids we serve every day at Tree Street.

Samara Stories embody our vision To cultivate leaders who fear less, love more,and dream big, boldly shaping the future and creating communities united across lines of difference.”

They are tales of resilience, leadership, unity, and growth.  Tree Street believes we are at our best in the world when everyone’s unique wisdom and stories are honored and shared because no one ever knows the impact their story might have on others!

Stories will be shared every Wednesday through email and on our social media! We hope you will be encouraged and perhaps even inspired to share your own Samara Story with us! Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.