R.E.D.W.O.O.D Girls Empowerment Program

The R.E.D.W.O.OD. Girls Empowerment Program serves all girls and young women at Tree Street Youth, from our youngest elementary school students up through our high schoolers and alumni. Through 1-1 mentoring, group activities, and outings the program focuses on cultivating strong leadership, self-advocacy, and accountability among our girls and young women. The R.E.D.W.O.O.D. program was founded by a group of current students and alumni, and places a strong emphasis on youth voice, interests and needs. Our goals are to foster a space for young women to develop the skills needed to settle arguments, build lasting friendships, succeed academically, and restore mistakes made in the community, at school, the center, or at home.


R.E.D.W.O.OD. Girls have a strong focus on shifting the ways in which young girls/women are impacted by the juvenile justice system. They collectively utilize their own experiences and the experiences of their peers to build awareness of the unique needs of girls who come into contact with these systems and strive to create a network of support for all girls navigating challenges in their lives in the community

For more information on R.E.D.W.O.O.D. Programming

Contact Meg Young, meg@treestreetyouth.org

Resilient. Educated. Dedicated. Women w/ Outastanding. Ongoing. Determination.