Intervention & Support Partnerships

Academic Year 2020-2021

Next STEP High

Next STEP High is a collaborative program grounded in the values and mission of Tree Street Youth and Lewiston High School. Next STEP serves the diverse student population of Lewiston, ME, and works to re-engage off-track or disengaged students with their education by empowering them to make an impact on their world. Students and staff co-create a dynamic learning environment to meet high expectations within a culture of mutual respect that honors unique identities, life experiences, and aspirations.


Click Here: Learn More or contact Oren Stevens-Next Step High Associate Director


Lewiston Public School Tutoring

In a partnership with the special education department at Lewiston Public Schools, Tree Street staff and interns provide tutoring services during temporary periods of testing/assessment or behavior-management planning. Set up as a contracted service, we place tutors with specific youth as they get identified by the school system. Tutoring is one-on-one with any staff or intern holding an Ed Tech III certificate, and typically takes place at Tree Street.