Intervention & Support Partnerships

Academic Year 2020-2021

Lewiston Public School Tutoring

In a partnership with the special education department at Lewiston Public Schools, Tree Street staff and interns provide tutoring services during temporary periods of testing/assessment or behavior-management planning. Set up as a contracted service, we place tutors with specific youth as they get identified by the school system. Tutoring is one-on-one with any staff or intern holding an Ed Tech III certificate, and typically takes place at Tree Street.

Longley Leaders

Tier 3 behavioral intervention provided to Longley Students in grades 2nd-4th for specifically identified youth. Students begin their day at Tree Street with unique social-emotional and behavioral training programs implemented by Tree Street staff and interns. Staff then follow youth back to Longley and attend their itinerant (art, music, etc.) classes with them as well as a period of English or Math. The focus of the program is to support youth in behaving appropriately in class as well as assisting youth in handling their challenges and issues in healthy ways.

Next STEP High

Next STEP High is a collaborative program grounded in the values and mission of Tree Street Youth and Lewiston High School. Next STEP serves the diverse student population of Lewiston, ME and works to re-engage off-track or disengaged students with their education by empowering them to make an impact on their world. Students and staff co-create a dynamic learning environment to meet high expectations within a culture of mutual respect that honors unique identities, life experiences, and aspirations.

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