Tree Street facilitates regular opportunities for local business/economic leaders to network and connect with current and future employees through a unique model of conversational dinners. Dinners, hosted by local businesses, are facilitated by Tree Street with the aim of creating a brave and open dialogue space where the visions of both community youth leaders and economic leaders come together to tackle the state’s most pressing workforce and economic challenges.

Potential Dinner topics include, but aren’t limited to:

        – Visions for the future of our community

        – “Work Ethic” challenges-today vs. yesterdays ’motivation

        – The truth about Diversity in the workplace

        – Gratitude in the workplace

        – Gaps between older and younger workers needs in the



Host a Dinner

Have a topic you would like to talk about with youth and business leaders? We are always looking for business partners to sponsor and host dinners. Any business is welcome to host a dinner!

Want to Become a Dinner Host?

Become A Business Partner   

Business Partners support the Community Connections initiative through a
minimum investment $1000 investment in Tree Street’s CEDAR Internships, BRANCHES College Prep, and MAPLE Leadership Programs. With your commitment, your business will be recognized as a thought leader in the creation of innovative approaches to the workforce and economic vitality of the L/A area and the state of Maine.


           Community Connection Business Partnership Benefits include:

                         – YEAR ROUND recognition as a Community Connections Business Partner

                                     – Tree Street’s Website/Social media

                                     – All Community Connections Events

                                     – Visible recognition at Tree Street’s facility

                                     – Tree Street’s Annual Report

                         – Opportunity to host Workforce/Economic Dinner Dialogue at their place of business

                         – Promotion of job openings/internship opportunities to Tree Street alumni

                         – Recognition at Tree Street’s  Annual “I am Tree” Event in Promotional booklet

Not interested in becoming a Community Connections Partner, but still want to host a dinner?


No Problem! Dinner sponsorships are $500 +cost of food (typically for 30-40 people) for Non-Community Connections Partners.