Tree Street’s Response to COVID-19

Dear Supporters,
We hope everyone is taking care during this trying and unique time in our world and nation’s history. Since our move towards social distancing, our team has been working around the clock to creatively adapt and design programming to ensure our youth and families will continue to receive the support they have come to know and expect of Tree Street. Though moving to remote work and programming has posed its own unique challenges, Tree Street has always prided itself on being nimble and responsive to the needs of the community with youth voice always leading the way! Below you will see the ways we have adapted programming to ensure we can continue to carry out our mission and achieve our vision of “cultivating leaders who fear less, love more,  and dream big boldly shaping the future to create communities united across lines of difference!”






Julia Sleeper, Executive Director

Programmatic Updates

Tree Street like so many others have taken instructions of social distancing very seriously leading to the closing of our facility since March 13, 2020 in line with Lewiston Public Schools. At that point all staff were instructed to begin working from home as we rapidly developed a strategy to adapt program offerings in order to limit the impact on our youth and families in this unprecedented time. We also continue to have our professional cleaning service work on sanitizing our facility during the time when programming is out of the building to ensure safety upon people’s return. Currently we do not have an exact date of return as our goal is to follow the lead of the public school systems. We will be constantly re-evaluating circumstances to ensure returning to normal programming as soon as possible.

Virtual After School

Middle and High School Offerings

  • Our staff will host live online enrichment activities for youth and families. Sessions will host a variety of topics including yoga/meditation, photography, book club, poetry and more.


College/ Career Challenge Activities

  • BRANCHES staff will prepare daily activities for middle and high school students to do at home. These activities are designed to support youth in exploring their aspirations through future planning, and college and career readiness.


Elementary Support

  • Elementary program staff will prepare live recorded videos with age-appropriate activities and messages for youth and parents. Staff will also be reaching out directly to elementary youth and families through weekly phone and video check-ins.

Resources and Support

Community Food Dispensing Support

  • Tree Street Staff are supporting the local food district by helping to distribute food each day from 10-12 PM.

PSAs/ Sharing

  • Tree Street Youth will actively serve as a source of information; we will share information from the CDC, local and national government as well as provide information on resources within the community.

Direct Family/ Youth Support

  • Staff will support families with unique circumstances on a case by case basis.

Alumni Support

  • Tree Street Youth is actively reaching out to its alumni, many of whom are enrolled in college and have been adversely affected by these uncertain circumstances. These supports are designed to provide academic support, social-emotional connection and logistical support.

Virtual Mentoring

Virtual mentoring is designed to provide a more personalized connection for youth during social distancing. These program supports are designed to be relationship-driven and personalized to each youth’s needs. Mentoring sessions are focused on supporting youth with navigating their social/emotional needs, positive decision making, and goal setting. Mentors are connected based on personality and shared interest. As with all Tree Street programming, all Mentoring is designed to be opt-in based on student willingness/interest.

1-on-1 Mentoring

  • Individualized sessions designed for 1 mentor and 1 youth. Sessions can be scheduled based on students’ interests/needs.

Formal Check-Ins

  • Individualized sessions designed for 1 mentor and 1 youth with a formal check-in designed in conjunction with families, JCCO’s or other professional supports.

Intentional Small Mentoring Groups

  • Invite only group sessions designed for 2-10 participants and 1-2 mentors. Sessions will focus on shared identities, goals and outcomes.

Tutoring/ Aspirations Planning

  • These sessions are designed to support youth in their academics and aspirational/ future planning.