Giving to Tree Street Youth

There are many ways to support Tree Street Youth. Donations can be made by check or through our secure online donation portal. We are grateful for gifts of all sizes and no matter how you give, we appreciate your support!

New tax deductions for your gift: The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act creates charitable giving incentives for gifts made in 2020 to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. All taxpayers can deduct total charitable contributions of up to $300. Donors who itemize can fully deduct cash gifts equal to as much as 100 percent of their adjusted gross income. Thank you for your gift.

Acorn Advocates

The acorn is the seed of the mighty Oak Tree, symbolizing potential and strength. By becoming an Acorn Advocate ($1000+), you provide the seeds of support we need to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Become an Acorn Advocate Today

Firewood Funders

Firewood Funders are the backbone of our organization. With a monthly gift of $10 or more, you can provide a consistent source of energy that keeps us burning all year long. The monthly amount will be deducted from your credit, debit, or bank account.

Become a Firewood Funder Today

Giving Grove

Have you ever struggled with buying a gift for that person who has everything? No piece of jewelry, clothing, power tool, latest technology, is really going to make a difference in their lives. But honoring them with a gift to Tree Street, enabling our youth to grow, learn, and lead, is sure to put a smile on their face. This marketplace is not just for special occasions. It provides opportunities throughout the year to support Tree Street’s programming in meaningful and affordable ways.

Planned Giving

Naming Tree Street Youth as the beneficiary of a planned giving vehicle (IRA’s, bequests, and trusts) can provide tax and financial planning benefits to you and Tree Street. For more information, contact Julia Sleeper, Executive Director.

In-Kind Gifts

In-Kind donations are essential to our day-to-day operations. We appreciate gifts of any kind: toilet paper and paper towels are just as welcome as paintbrushes and colored pencils.

Tree Street Youth Wishlist

Transfer of Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities can have immediate tax benefits. Please consult your tax advisor. Transfer instructions can be found on our website.

Donor Advised Funds

We work closely with Maine Community Foundation and can accept a gift from your donor-advised fund at MCF or any other charitable giving foundation.