“I am learning.”

The continuation and expansion of a local homework program, the Afterschool program aims to provide the support necessary to help students stay in school and succeed. Tutoring and homework help are available to any student who seeks it. Tree Street Youth provides supplemental language instruction for students with limited English proficiency, as well as learning support for students who do not meet state academic standards or have difficulty functioning in traditional school environments.

Along with academic support, the Afterschool program provides a space for youth to develop positive social skills, such as self-advocacy, perseverance, positive risk-taking, and impulse management. Tree Street staff and volunteers are driven by our belief that each and every child has the ability to achieve success when given the skills, knowledge, and resources to do so. Our programming is developed collaboratively by staff, students, and volunteers to ensure that we meet both the short term and the long term needs of the individuals we serve and the community at-large. Through the generous support of donors and community partners, Tree Street is able to provide programming that addresses this full range of needs at no cost to families.

Alli Nolan, Associate Director