20 day, 20K (4)

Dear Friends,


The theme of our Annual Fund is “Seeing 20/20.” This name was intentionally chosen to serve as both a challenge and an inspiration. The challenge is for all of us to take in what has transpired this year, reflect, pause, grow or whatever you deem necessary to truly “see” the reality that faces our communities and the world in which we live. 


Challenged by two generous anonymous donors, each with a gift of $10,000, we’ve set our sights on matching their gifts within 20 days. You can help us get off to a roaring start to reaching our Annual Fund goal of $100,000.


Yes, that’s right….$20K in 20 days.


The inspiration is the power that clarity can bring to push ourselves to strive forward with a vision for a healthier future. Tree Street’s vision: to cultivate leaders who fear less, love more, and dream big, boldly shaping the future to create communities united across lines of difference.


We’re reaching out, stretching our branches as far and wide as we can, and asking our community to contribute to our Seeing 20/20 Annual Fund. This is your opportunity to help us cultivate, tend, and nurture Tree Street’s work to support the leaders of tomorrow. As our Samara Stories demonstrated, our Tree Street family is made up of people from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, religions, and ethnicities. It includes anyone who’s walked through our doors, anyone who has listened and learned from our Samara Storytellers. It’s anyone who’s hoped and dreamed for our youth. It’s anyone who is ready to help us grow.


Please consider making a donation of any size: leaf or branch sized. From September 14th to October 4th, each gift will be matched dollar for dollar by our generous anonymous donors.


Thank you for your consideration,