College Preparation Program

BRANCHES College Preparation Program
ecoming Responsible Adults N Cultivating Higher Education Success

The goal of Tree Street Youth BRANCHES is to increase the overall graduation, college acceptance, and college retention rates of at-risk, first-generation students in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine.   BRANCHES works with middle and high school students and their families to establish college and career goals early in order to attain future success in reaching these goals.  The program includes visits to New England colleges and universities, on-site workshops led by Tree Street staff and community presenters, and community service field trips in the Lewiston-Auburn area.  BRANCHES concludes with college application and financial aid support for high school seniors and families to help them navigate the complex college application process from start to finish.  Students receive information on a variety of subjects including developing useful study skills, essay writing, and interview skills. The program also connects students and families to existing resources in the community by engaging in direct outreach to households in the neighborhood.

For more information contact: Alli Nolan, BRANCHES: College Preparation Program Director (