AfterSchool Program

Each day, the AfterSchool Program serves approximately 120-150 youth from ages 5 to eighteen. The Center provides a safe, nurturing and affirming environment where youth from throughout the neighborhood can easily access opportunities to improve their academic performance, obtain positive social reinforcement, learn healthy lifestyles, cultivate personal interests and build community.

Tree Street staff and volunteers are driven by our belief that each and every child has the ability to achieve success when given the skills, knowledge, and resources to do so. Through the generous support of donors and community partners, TSY is able to provide programming that addresses the full range of needs of local youth all at no cost to families.

The programming offered at the Center is developed collaboratively amongst staff, students, and volunteers ensuring that programs meet both the short and long term needs of both the individuals we serve and the community at-large. The following are program components offered during the academic year:
The following are Afterschool Program components offered at the Center: